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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  May 15, 2013 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> next prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. prime minister david cameron is visiting the united states today said that the prime minister nick clegg will be filling in for him. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> 705,000 untypical basic rate -- >> pretty much, mr. speaker. 17,000 individuals across whales with cuts in tax credit and benefits, and across the u.k. will get a tax cut,% will be right, yes or no? >> what i would say, mr. speaker, is higher earnings
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paying more taxes under this government than they did any year under the labour government. we are supporting families with low taxation and progressively, and no interest at all in the interests of hard-working families. >> questions for the prime minister. question no. one. >> mr. speaker, i have been asked to resign. my right hon. friend the prime minister. >> the deputy prime minister must be heard. the deputy prime minister. >> my right hon. friend the prime minister is visiting the united states for meetings with president obama making the case for a trans-atlantic trade agreement with the united states
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morning i meet with the prime minister of colleagues and others and duties in this house and other questions later today. >> the deputy prime minister, conservative members of parliament don't have to support the government's of europe. why do liberal democrats have to support the government on tripling tuition fees, top-down reorganization, policies of this government. >> liberal democrats and conservatives are working together. it is this government, this government that is delivering more oppresses chips than ever before. and social care cuts and delivering state pensions for everybody and the banking system left down there and so many people in the budget office.
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>> peter bohn, mr. speaker. the debt the prime minister confirm to the house that the only party in this house offering a referendum is the conservative party. >> mr. speaker. i hate to be reminded of things we have done together, when we have been on the same side of the argument but we do spend 100 days in this house in the early part of this parliament casting legislation opposed by the party opposite which for the first time ever gives a guarantee when a referendum on europe will take place. when the rules next change, within the european union. colleagues in the conservative party are perfectly free for their own reasons to change the goal posts so we have this legislation, britain has those guarantees where a referendum will take place and that is what
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i suggest we promote. >> area hymen. >> i am sure everyone is thrilled to see the deputy prime minister, and meant to the prime minister's and once again the prime minister is not here. the deputy prime minister, and answer question in this house. >> usually coming to the house. i think the leader who should be relieved of the prime minister's strategy is the leader of the
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party, and reeling with -- and said there wasn't enough comedy on radio. >> the prime minister has been doing in america, has been on a london bus in new york, something we don't see him doing a great deal. he has also been busy with president obama to benefit britain's membership of the european union. why is he doing it in the white house but not in this. >> the prime minister not withstanding differences on this subject, he made it clear he believes in continued membership of the european reforms. there is a fundamental debate we need to have in this country whether we are open or closed nation or stand tall and our european neighborhood or not. that is a debate that will
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continue and the prime minister will make his views known. >> area harmon. >> we have an important vote an amendment to the queen's speech tonight. the prime minister is out of a country. and can the prime minister held the house? the prime minister wanted to say what he be voting for the government showing true leadership. >> two questions pointing out the prime minister's here, a striking observation penetrating insight into the affairs of state. she rejected an opportunity two years ago to vote on legislation which this side of the house pushed through giving the british people for the first time legal guarantee of whether
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referendum would take place. and opposition has to be clear. hers is not. >> kerri at harmon. >> an extraordinary situation, the deputy prime minister has not told the house how the prime minister with a those things. if he doesn't know or doesn't want to tell the house, the prime minister would have changed his mind by the time we have been told. the prime minister is bogged down in confusion about europe, people are suffering. today's figures show unemployment is up. more people out of work and those out of work for two years having retired since 1997 so what is today's excuse? >> mr. speaker, the comment on today's figures, anyone who is without work is an individual tragedy and must work to bring unemployment down.
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she is giving the house partial snapshots, full time employment is actually up 10,000 this quarter. there are more people in the private sector employed than ever before. employment is up 866,000 since the election and the number of women employed is the highest level it has ever been. something she should celebrate rather than denigrate. >> we will see complete complacency when things are getting worse. the fact is even those who are in work are worse off. calling behind prices, and as a result of all this changes families on lower and middle incomes, will he own up to that? will he admit it? >> this from a party that trashed the british economy, went on a cocktail charm offensive sucking that banks that led to the disaster of the
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banking system in the first place and banking out the tax system in which a cleaner would pay more on our wages or his or her wages and a hedge fund manager would on their shares under this government richest are paying more every year in taxes. under this government, under this government, twenty-four million taxpayers will be 700 lbs. better off next year than under the labour. under this government as of next april almost three million people on low pay will be taken without paying income tax altogether. how about that? >> harriet harman. >> those tax cuts for millionaires next time they come around consent to britain, years internet addiction, everyone knows the country is facing big problems. what do we have? of prime minister who is not just indecisive, not just a week
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but fast becoming a laughingstock. >> she mentions as members of the labor party did the operators income-tax. and their 45 -- hang on -- he is a great -- what was the rate under labor for 13 years? 63? 45? no. the labor rate was 43. they met the richest and let the country off the hook, we didn't. >> the european union referendum, would my right hon. friend see fit to facilitate government time for private members'. should that become available? >> mr. speaker, as he knows my party believes there should be a
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referendum. when the rules change, when new thing that's being asked of the united kingdom and that is what we had in the last manifesto and act on in government by passing legislation together in the coalition just two years ago giving absolute legal guarantee legislation for the first time ever that when the rules change -- i think it is a question of when, not if because the rules are bound to change, language suggests we should stick to what we have done as a government in giving that guaranteed to the british people rather than constantly shifting the goal posts. >> before i move the allegations of price-fixing in the oil market fully explain why he has consistently opposed the amendments tabled by this side of the house from proper regulation of oil and commodity prices, will now admit that he was wrong and accept the
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amendment from this side and these authorities. >> another example of astonishing amnesia. what happened for 13 years. do they do anything? the investigation of ald le vote rigging, it is important oil companies concern should cooperate with the european union institution to doing very good work for british consumers back into the years -- what did they do. once again asleep at the wheel. >> margaret jane. >> i am sure the deputy prime minister shares the response against the perpetrators of crimes against the hon. girls in austin. does he agree that we now look to the courts to impose the severest possible penalties against these evil men so those
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poor girls get the justice they were denied by the police and local authorities? >> i am sure my hon. friend speaks on behalf of everybody in the house but not only a sense of revulsion these truly evil acts but also i think we should pay tribute to the courage of these young women who the innocence of their childhood was so horribly destroyed by this evil gained and the courage to come forward and give evidence to something we should all pay tribute to that i agree with her and the course lesson should be learned about how police forces and social services work together but also that they are handed down as severe as possible sentences in response to this reprehensible crime. >> deputy prime minister talks about the individual tragedy. year-ago made thousands of
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workers that disabled and unemployed, 69% of them still unemployed and it is costing the government or, does this show the government is not just heartless but utterly incompetent? >> the approach was in response to independent recommendations by senior figures in the area for those with disabilities and the recommendation that came through was very clear that it is not right to say to people with disabilities they should be hidden away and put in a separate place. we should do what we can to influence the court to be part of the mainstream labour mark along with everybody else and that is why we haven't been any way cut to support those workers in the factory as they make the transition from those factories into the world of mainstream
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work. >> andrew turner. >> doesn't the deputy prime minister in the last election, promised to go to men in out referendum that hasn't taken place yet. what he understand that many from elsewhere would feel the trade if the liberal democrats did not now support an amendment, that referendum is not included in the gracious speech. >> commitment for a referendum when there's a fundamental change? >> the manifesto i had, i can guarantee would that is what it said. i have an old-fashioned view. >> order! the deputy prime minister minds being shouted out but i don't want him to be shouted out. the house should hear his answer and the people of the aisle of white should hear his answer. the deputy prime minister.
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>> i have an old-fashioned view that when the governor puts forward the queen's speech with good things in it, a decent single pension for everybody, a cut in national insurance contributions for employers to create jobs we on this side of the house should promote what is in the queen's speech, not spend days bemoaning what is not in the queen's speech. >> william mcrae. >> the national climb agency is not able to operate fully in northern ireland, a detrimental impact on their ability to keep the people of northern ireland say for conduct serious organized crime. no perfect party in northern ireland has a right to gamble with the safety of northern ireland's people. what action does the government propose to take to ensure that no one is able to hold the people of northern ireland to ransom and make it an easy target for international crime?
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>> i am sure everyone shares my instinct that as with all sensitive issues in northern ireland, the more we can talk across parties, across traditional divides and hostilities the more we promote the prosperity and indeed the security of the people of northern ireland and the people of the united kingdom as a whole. >> mr. allen reed. >> treaty on the mainland by the ivan compared to labor, labor of the european authorities and oil companies, will the government make sure oil companies here, obey the rules and fixing the data going on as a portion of the government's good policies and end up in the pockets of the oil companies? >> i am grateful to him for reminding the house that it would be 13 pence higher under
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the plan involving -- they hate to hear this but it is true. $0.13 higher would be a tripling of the cost of living for millions of people in this country and i agree with him that large oil companies that are under investigation for the allegations should fully incorporate with the european commission. >> kevin mcgovern. >> a question to the deputy prime minister which may go against the grain for me. i have been vociferous in my report of the organization and unfortunately my constituency and ports of closure, it seems less in march advising procurement of deployment, some of them have done so successfully and rick given an interview and told they would not be allowed to leave and they
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would not receive severance package. >> the deputy prime minister, look into this. >> by rational secretary, looking to the specific issues as i said in reference to the response to the earlier question. the thinking behind this is to ensure those who work in unemployed factories find gainful employment in mainstream work. that is the recommendation that came not from the government but independent observers who said this is the best way to make sure we don't get allies those with disabilities in the labour market and what we will continue to work toward. >> millions of people are struggling with their electricity bills. and electricity infrastructure is creaking. we have a solution where we are developing a smart grid which will make our electricity more reliable and more affordable. will the deputy prime is to
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commit to visiting them and make the bold investment to rowley true smart grid out across the country? >> i can daymac congratulations to him and everybody who have launched this march energy pilot project and i am delighted to hear that elicited so much enthusiasm from the local community. it is the first step towards creating a smart energy community. i know officials from the department of energy and climate change met the pilots network and if it works it is exactly the kind of thing we should indeed seek to try to extend to other parts of the country. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the deputy prime minister blamed himself and his government when the whole operation, a few places. i am old enough to remember the pace commission, where other
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commodities across their own lines, able to do that but the oil companies are expecting and my constituency announced this government and introduced -- particularly about all that? >> we have actually scrapped the fuel price hikes which were planned and decided upon by the previous government. >> of course allegations are price manipulation incredibly serious. i am pleased the european commission is taking this as seriously as they are and did is important for the lives of our constituents to price petrol and diesel and fuel prices are incredibly important part of the weekly, monthly household budget that those companies engage seriously in looking at the allegations by the european commission. >> these issues by the liberal
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democrats -- at the time the passage of the treaty from the front page is the man opposing as one nick leg who said it is time for real referendum on europe and our referendum, now referendum on a treaty, for that man, an impostor or a hypocrite? >> mr. speaker. that man who i believe to be me was saying something that which my party has restated which is that we should have a referendum on europe when the rules change. we said that. we said that at the time. we said that at the time. and we said it in our manifesto.
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we will say it again. >> order! i was thinking of you to ask questions but if you continue to miss the dave i might not. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. does the deputy prime minister agree with me, the manufacture of senior government members on the select committee, liberal democrat manifesto, minister in charge of the royal military of his own government and does he agree with himself about the royal mills have gone too far? >> i think we should welcome the innovative way of giving workers royal mail a stake in that company. the owner should use to be something the party believed in. there have been so many other issues, the labor party is still a blank sheet of paper when it comes to public policy of any
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this side of the house is moving forward, they are standing still. >> mr. speaker. mr. speaker. i have to tell my friend that i can't support the decision of the prime minister to go to the head of government conference in sri lanka because of the cuban rights record of the sri lankan government. what can the deputy prime minister tell us as to how we can respond to that terrible regime's record and was committed to make sure the commonwealth in the future does not believe human-rights does something about it? >> i am aware, we are all aware of the decision the prime minister and the secretary will attend the upcoming head of government meeting in sri lanka is controversial specially in light of the despicable human rights violations that have taken place in the recent civil war but i can assure you, the
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government condemns those violations and the way political trials, regular wrestles on legal professionals, suppression of press, freedom continues and too many recommendations of the reconciliation commission have not been implemented and if such violations continue industry lankan government continues to ignore its international commitments in the be up to the commonwealth head of government meeting of course there will be consequences. >> the prime minister spoke about youth unemployment in 2011. he said the coalition will not sit on our hands and allow a whole generation to fall behind. now that we know the unemployment has tripled, why is he refusing to do that? there is no influence in government or doesn't care? >> on the day in which youth
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unemployment declined, in view of the fact that youth unemployment went up remorseless lee year after year after year in the latter half of the labor government administration, given that we on this side of the house are introducing the 1 million pound contract which gives everyone between the ages of 18 to 24 has been out of work force and period the opportunity to take up an apprenticeship or subsidize work or place some work experience, pretty rich coming from her that she seeks a chance about a problem of youth unemployment. >> nigel adams. >> the deputy secretary promised to reflect on this week's analysis of the top 150 companies, by the account of the firm that has shown that in your care businesses over the last year have seen an increase of revenue of five billion pounds, investment of 20%, exports from the emerging markets of 50%, and
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10,000 new jobs have been created by yorkshire firms. >> from a great your toucher city, i have talked in celebrating the achievements of businesses in yorkshire and particularly so many great manufacturing companies in your chair and the fact the we on this side of the house have been backing manufacturing after years of neglect under labor is something i am immensely proud of. >> even the head firm? the government with the mes of the leo bill introduced last week, only people who are compensated are those people who were diagnosed after july 25th, 2012. does the deputy prime minister agree with me that it is wrong and unfair that the insurance industry and the tory party have
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gotten away with millions and millions when working people, getting away with nothing. >> i would like to ask on their radar. and i am hugely sympathetic to the price of diesel you are unable to trace reliable employer or ensure to bring a claim. and in 2012, that people had a reasonable expectation for a diagnosis, specialist related cancer and energy criteria and payment and also decided dependents of people, and the scheme will not be able to every person and taken the approach we have. >> mr. james gray.
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>> a great democrat and liberal conlan and in the fund on my desk this morning called lonely a real referendum in the e.u. will decide the country's future. will you stand by that. >> if there's a change in the rooms, and in the european union, there should and will be a referendum, and issues that we've in 2008, legislate to guarantee to the british people for the first time in prime legislation just two years ago and spent 1 under days at the
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time. and these constituencies for the capital social care costs and won't deliver it because we won't pass legislation to the national insurance contributions for employers and growth and jobs. >> my own constituents, i have tried recently. and they asked me to tell the prime minister the guard is going up and unfortunately he isn't but what assurance can the deputy prime minister get them that the first summit in northern ireland, and and of votes for every one. >> many people and this side of the house, hon. members did. and


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